Print Coupons

Again, all Coupons must be approved by your business in order to appear in the magazine. To do this, Click on ALL ITEMS and then click on the word COUPONS     .

  • Click the Edit button to the left of the Coupon you wish to view.
  • If changes are needed write them directly into the text box. To save your changes click into another text field, and the changes to the previous field will be automatically saved.
    NOTE: There are character limitations for how much you can write in these boxes. Each box has an alert above it letting you know how many characters you have available.
  • Next, double check the Coupon Expiration and Coupon Code.
  • You will need at least one (and up to four) Active Location. You make a Location active by clicking the red box next to it that says “Inactive.” The red box will turn green and change to “Active.” If the box is green, that location is already active for this Coupon, so make sure it’s correct. If it’s not correct, click the yellow box with the pencil icon at the top right of the location box, and make any changes to the location, phone number or email. Please contact your WhatToDo representative if you need assistance adding a new location.
  • If all the information on the Coupon form is correct, click the “Approve” button that appears at both the top and bottom of the form. You will then enter your initials and click “DONE”
  • If you have a problem in the Coupon approval process, click the“Contact WTD” button and email your question to us.magazine_Coupons