WhatToDo makes vacations better. We help resort visitors plan their vacations, and we help resort business owners reach vacation travelers with cost effective marketing. WhatToDo.info is a world leader in resort content distribution. We collect information about vacation activities and services. Then we list that information in high profile marketing products including website, vacation maps and printed guidebooks. This means that participants in the WhatToDo program receive exposure on a network of website and print products in use by resort: concierge, realtors, information centers, lodging providers, municipalities, business associations and more. WhatToDo.info has become a top-ranked destination information website, and our proprietary network of web and print products has become one of the most effective ways to promote business services and events in resort areas, creating real exposure, high quality backlinks, social media buzz and referral business. If you want to be where your customers are looking you want to be a part of WhatToDo.info.

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What WhatToDo can do for you:

  • Provide an automated data feed directly to your website with resort information for your customers
  • Promote your events to interested visitors on the WhatToDo network.
  • Market your resort business, service or activities through either print or online advertising or both.
  • Help you create, establish and promote a unique WhatToDo program that markets tourism in your area.
  • Help you improve your internet presence and Search Engine ranking by adding resort content with a WhatToDo plugin for your WordPress website
  • For guidebook publishers: learn how to streamline your sales and production using our automated guidebook builder, while improving your bottom line and using your existing product. Increase your market share and stop losing sales to other internet marketing programs by increasing your customers’ visibility in search results.
  • And don’t forget…check out WhatToDo.info for help planning your next vacation!