Banner Ads

Banners are a type of online ad that appears at the top or the side of the websites in the WhatToDo network – not just on the pages specific to your company. For example, a visitor looking for kids’ activities may see banner_exampleyour restaurant listing and make their lunch plans as well. Banner ads run for 30 days or 20,000 impressions. Buying a banner ad is your least expensive and most effective form of web advertising. To purchase a banner, click here.

  • You may design your banner yourself or have a graphic artist design one for you. WhatToDo can be contracted to design your banner ad for an added fee of $75/hour.
  • Because they must share space with other website content, there are certain size and media restrictions for Banners:

          * 185×370 or 185×185 pixels in dimension

          * 72 dpi

          * Accepted File Type: png 

          * File size restrictions: 2mb

Once your banner meets all these specifications, send it to us at and we’ll upload it to your account.

  • From your Web Content Dashboard, click the button for My Banners. You’ll be taken to a grid with a roster of your Banners. You can sort, search and customize this grid just like other WhatToDo grids.
  • You can see past banners, view what’s currently on our network and analyze your visitor stats to improve future web advertising.
  • Contact WhatToDo with any requests for changes to your banners.


Print Ads


A page from the magazine showing Activity Listings with an ad.

All Advertisements must be approved by your business in order to appear in the What ToDo Magazine. To do this, click on ALL ITEMS and then click on the word ADVERTISEMENTS.

  • Click the EDIT button to the left of the Ad you wish to view.
  • On the new screen that opens up, you have several options. You can:
    – Preview your ad the way that it’ll appear in the guidebook (by clicking “Preview”)
    – Download the ad and save the file for your own use outside of the WhatToDo system (by clicking “Download PDF”)
    – Upload a new ad that you’ve designed (by clicking “Upload New Ad”)
    Approve the ad (after you preview it) for publication.

Definitions of Print Items

Listings/Dining Listings

Short descriptions of your product or service. This is where you explain to potential customers what you offer and choose how your product is classified (i.e. how visitors will search for it)


An offer or special discount available for a specified period of time, requiring the user to present the printed coupon to receive the discount. WhatToDo magazines offer several pages of tear-out coupons


Just like newspaper or magazine ads, these are promotions of your business that appear in a certain defined space within the guidebook. WhatToDo Ads are available in multiple sizes and placements depending on the types of products available in your area.