Activity or Dining Listings

A listing (Activity or Dining) is a text write-up about a business or one of its specific offerings, often accompanied by a logo, photos and video if available. On the frontside of the website network, it appears under whichever categories and subcategories have been designated in the listing. The text in the listing aids in Search Engine Optimization for the company and its offerings when potential customers search for the products or services described. All WhatToDo advertisers get at least one listing – but one listing can appear in up to five different categories, which is the equivalent of five advertisements for the company.

The listing should be written from the Third Person, not using “us” or “we.” Write about the business as if you’re a very happy customer writing an online review, NOT as if you are the business owner. (i.e. CORRECT: “The staff at Shadetree Bike Worx make their customers feel right home…” NOT CORRECT: “At Shadetree Bike Worx we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction…”)  

In the Web Content Admin, listings are divided into Activity Listings and Dining Listings. The catchall term “Activity Listings” includes activities, shopping, services…essentially anything other than dining. Listings and Dining Listings function exactly the same, so we’ll use the term “Listings” here to cover both.

  • From your Web Content Dashboard, click the button for either My Activity Listings or My Dining Listings. You’ll be taken to a grid with a roster of your Listings. You can sort, search and customize this grid just like other WhatToDo grids.


NOTE: At any point, you may return to this grid by clicking either “My Content Items” in the gray bar at the upper left of every page OR the box in the upper left corner of the form that says “Return to Items.”

From the Listing roster you can view and/or edit an existing Listing or create a new Listing.

  • To edit: From the Listings grid, click the Edit button at the far left of each listing, or click anywhere in the row for that particular listing. A form will open up with that Listing’s specific info.
  • To create a new listing, make sure the correct resort is displayed in the grey bar above the grid next to the box that says “Choose Resort.” (Use the dropdown to change resorts, if necessary.)
  • In the box that says “Choose Item” select either Activities or Dining Listing.
  • Click the grey button that says “New Item”. A popup box will appear in which you will be prompted to “Select Business” (If you only have one Business with WhatToDo, it will appear automatically);


Tips for Title:

* Keep the title as short as possible while accurately providing all key info.
* Put the most important info first because the Title may be shortened for size considerations.
* Do not use all capital letters, all lower case letters or intentional misspellings unless that is a recognizable characteristic of your brand.

  • Type in your “Listing Title.” Correct format: First Letter of Each Important Word Capitalized.
  • Click the “Create New” button A new, mostly blank form will open up for you to fill out.

NOTE: All new Listings will automatically show up as “Active.” This means that everything you do is automatically saved and visible on the live website. If you want to work on it as a draft without it being visible, select the bubble for “Active: No” until you’re finished. When you’re ready, select “Active: Yes” to publish it.


  • Some of the key info in the form will be carried over automatically from your Business info. You can overwrite them if necessary. For example, if the location for this particular listing is different from your general business address. The fields you’ll need to fill in include:

Optional Tag Line – your “hook” that gives a brief summary of your Listing in one sentence. It tries to generate enough interest that readers will continue reading the full Description and contains different information than the Listing Title or Description. On the live site, it will appear like a subtitle under your Listing Title.
Listing Description – Should include: Who, What, When, Where, Why
There is no specific size/length restriction for this field, HOWEVER web visitors have a short attention span! You’re better off keeping this content engaging and as short as possible while still providing complete information.
NOTE: If you’re cutting-and-pasting this text from another source (such as your company website) please paste it into a text-only file (such as Notepad or RichText). THEN you can copy it and paste it into the WTD form. This removes all formatting that might not translate correctly into the WTD formatting.
Listing Location – A Listing may have more than one location, but it needs AT LEAST one Active Location to appear correctly on the WhatToDo network. You can edit existing locations (with the yellow pencil map_edit_deletebutton) or create a new location by selecting “Add New”. You can also place your listing so it shows up where you want it on the map. You do this by clicking the map thumbtack button in the green box, then dragging the pin to map location you choose.
Category with Subcategory – A Listing may have UP TO FIVE Categorizations but needs AT LEAST one to appear live on the WhatToDo network. The Category/Subcategory is the primary way a potential customer will find your company’s info. To delete an existing Category/Subcategory, click the red box marked with the “X” to the right of the row. To add a new Category/Subcategory, click the grey “Add New” button to the top right of this field. You cannot do a category without a subcategory. Every Category must have a Subcategory selected or it won’t appear on the website network. Try to find a Category/Subcategory that is somewhat appropriate for your Listing. If you find nothing that matches, you may request a new one be created by clicking the “Contact WTD” button at the top or bottom of the page. Tips on Categories & Subcategories.


  • When you have filled out the form completely, you may click the “View Live” button at either the top or the bottom of the form to preview how the Listing will appear to potential customers on the WTD network. Make sure everything is correct.
  • Once you’ve edited and reviewed your Listing, make it “Active” then click the “Next” button at either the top or bottom of this form. This takes you to the Media gallery, where you’ll determine what logos, images and/or video appear with this Listing.

Print Dashboard

Immediately after logging in you’ll be taken to a screen with several grey buttons on the left. You should select the one that says “My Print Advertising.” This is the button to click if you are a participant in a print advertising program.

If you advertise more than one business in the WhatToDo publications, or you advertise the same business in different publications, you will need to select the publication and/or the Business in the row at the top of the dashboard:



The info you will see on your print admin dashboard includes:

All Items

The first button in the left-hand column of your print dashboard says “All Items” and lists a number next to it. This is the total number of items including Listings, Coupons and Ads that you have in the publication. You can view and/or edit any of these things by clicking this button and clicking the “Edit” button on the grid next to the individual item.


Alerts are important reminders of incomplete information or steps you need to take before the magazine goes to print. Please address any alerts as soon as they appear, as outstanding alerts may delay the printing process or cause your company’s info to appear incorrectly or not appear at all.


Here you can Reset Password any time you want or Contact WhatToDo with questions or requests.

Upload Artwork
Use this tool to send artwork such as a logo or a PDF of your ad. In the popup, you can select the file from where you have it saved and include any notes for our graphic designer before you submit it.
NOTE: If you simply want to add an existing image or logo to your company info, please follow the media gallery instructions and guidelines.