Troubleshooting: Web Item Checklist

There are a number of things that will keep your item from appearing on the live website.

If you believe you entered an item but can’t see it in your Web Admin dashboard, change the grid setting to show “All” or “Inactive” and make sure your business name appears correctly in the “Business” field. You can also search for it by key word.

Find the listing that is not appearing on the live site and open it.

Here’s a basic checklist to go through with every item:

  • Is it Active? 


  • Is there an Active Location?


  •  Is there at least one Category AND a Subcategory selected? You must have BOTH.


  • Does it appear correctly when you select the “View Live” button?


  • Is the date correct? 

Events and specials with a past date or coupons with incorrect start/end dates may not appear at all.

Please fix any errors you’ve discovered then refresh your browser and/or clear your web cache. Then open to the WhatToDo network and check the item  again. If your item still does not appear, please contact WhatToDo and be as specific as possible with your question, including Business name and item Title.