Categories and Subcategories

Every Listing in WhatToDo must have at least one Category with a Subcategory. The Category/Subcategory selection are specific to each listing, not the overall business. (For example, if the company provides both rafting and horseback riding but this listing specifically describes horseback riding, then ONLY select Activity: Horseback Riding.)

The system won’t allow you to delete the last Category/Subcategory if it’s the only one listed. If that’s the case, you’ll need to add a new Category/Subcategory first, THEN delete the unwanted one.

NOTE: You must select BOTH a Category and a Subcategory. Listings with only a Category selected will not appear on the live WTD website.

  • If the appropriate Category/Subcategory is not listed in your form, click the “Add New” button on the top right of this field.
  • Click the dropdown for Category and select the most fitting option. Subcategories specific to that Category will then appear below it for you to choose from. For example, if your Event is an Art Class, you will first need to select the Category “Activities” before the Subcategory “Art Classes” will be available. Select the most appropriate Subcategory or Subcategories and click “Submit.”


NOTE: There are sometimes multiple combinations of Categories and Subcategories that are appropriate for your business. For example “Arts & Crafts” is available under “Family Fun” Category and “Art Classes” is available under “Activities” Category. If the listing appropriately fits in multiple Category/Subcategory designations, then list it both ways. The more places it appears, the better the chances a customer will find it.

Please take a moment to read through your options before making your selections, recognizing there may not always be an exact match. If there is nothing available that can be used for your Listing, you may contact us to recommend additional Categories or Subcategories.


You may check up to five Subcategories for each listing. They may all be listed under one Category or in different Categories.